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Evanna Lynch and Matthew Lewis

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haha was this started because of the topic i started? :P I wouldn't ship Evanna and Matt myself but their characters I would. They are nothing alike in reality.

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They're cute together, but I haven't seen enough of them together to say whether I think they have a chemistry or not.


Is the photo of the premiere real? If so, that's adorable.


I actually used to think Evanna and Rupert looked quite cute together, purely aesthetically, I don't think their personalities seem very compatible in that way, but meh.


I need to find more out about these two. :)

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It's a bit more difficult to gauge their compatability I think because they're not in front of the media spotlight quite as much as Dan, Emma, Rupert, Bonnie and Tom are.


That said, they look good together in those pictures.


I wonder how many HP weddings we will see once all is said and done. We've already seen Bonnie have an HP wedding. Have there been any others yet? How many others will we see? :rolleye0012:

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nahh Jade Me and COurt were talking about it and saw all these pics on Tumblar and I wanted to start it not cause you started the neville and luna


but i seen pics and thoguh they were cute :)


and yes these Photos are Real


They had Invtiews and Eylvna said something cute about matt :)

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Saw this on a tumblr:


Interviewer: “If you had a daughter what would you name her? And if you had a son what would you name him?â€

Matthew Lewis: “Sarah Trouble Lewis and Max Danger Lewis so they could say stuff like “HA, Danger’s my middle name.â€â€

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