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I hate math and science! Actually, I'm pretty good at algebra but only if I have a good teacher. I've always loved the languages and music :)

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Well anyway, just to keep this on-topic, that may be the reason why most people dislike P.E., due to the fact that they are obese and aren't able to do the things required in P.E. In my high school, it was required to do atleast one full school year of P.E. Me, being the crazy person that I am, took 3 years of P.E. haha.

I had to take P.E all throughout high school :( I didn't mind it so much, but sometimes it could be a real pain considering we always had to be outside.

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Tie between math and science

Ditto. Science was pree hard for me to get, but i admit it was interesting. But mathematics? Hell to the no. I mean i take it, i'm a theoritical type of a person i love history/languages and especially lit and poetry, but maths was just boring and unnecessary.



You need to take a course in Jeremy's bootcamp.


Sign me up for that ;O

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