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Public Breasfeeding  

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As long as the mother is not causing a scene or creating issues with other people, it's fine in my opinion. I work in a pub where we get a variety of different forms of breastfeeding. We get those who cover up, those who just unbutton their shirts, those who find a corner, and those who take the baby to a car to do it. We don't bat an eyelid at it, as long as other customers don't complain. If we receive a complaint, we'll pop over and very kindly and politely ask if they could cover the baby or just move to a slightly more secluded part of the building.

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If she is coveed up I have no problem. I mean telling a woman to go and sit on the toilet to breastfeed is both inconvinient and unsanitary. I mean if the woman is covered up she's not exposing herself and therefore is doing nothing wrong. If someone else has a problem with it then that is them being immatureand they can leave if it bothers them so much and not the woman's problem. Thankfully most public places at least there I live have a designated area in the woman's bathroom area with a nice seating area where woman can care for their children. But in a park situation when a mother has a baby and a young child or two playing in the playground woud you expect her to leave her children to go feed the baby or make the other children wait with her I'm the bathroom. Its not practical in most situations.

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Its simply a common problem in nowadays sexualized sociality.

What exactly is the problem with a mother feeding her baby - okay you see the breast but you can see that nonstop from morning till night nowadays.

In music videos, movies etc. to sum it up: Sexual stuff everywhere.


So I dont really understand why seeing a breast is so unnormal in first place, especially when its something harmless.



I think people just reduce it to a certain fact -> being dirty/cheap


I've never seen it in public but even if I do it should not take too much overcoming to look somewhere else.

I wouldnt mind at all. I rather question the outfit of most female teenagers where they show their breats on purpose.


In the end everyone thinks different about it though! ;D

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I agree with most of you, it's no big deal, we were made to breastfeed and there's no point in asking wmen to hide. But some mothers are like showing off when they feed their baby, like if they were better than the ones who chose not to breastfeed, or superior because they have boobs and men don't. I really can't bear that. And I agree, you don't need to reveal all your anatomy just to feed a baby. If the woman is discret and doesn't stand on ceremony, then I don't care.

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