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Would You Do This To Meet Emma

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Hey guys, the good game is back :).

Basically a fun game, I ask a question, the replied poster makes a response if he/she would do such a task to meet Emma then make a question of their own for the next person.

I'll start off.

Would you run naked in your local town to meet Emma?
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my fav band went crap so, yea

would you give up your internet for a month to see Emmma?

[quote name='yorkshire' timestamp='1288784068' post='4227']
Was it just me who took 'blow off' to mean something different?


Yorkshire, i was thinking the same thing, but then i saw the "meeting" part, n yea lol Edited by Slash
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my bestfriend is my boyfriend. but his brother? well, ill ask my boyfriend if i can just date him one day to meet Emma.

lol. he'd understand! :) it wouldnt be a serious thing. lol
but his brother has a girlfriend. so..yeah. lol

Would you give up facebook for a year to meet Emma?
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[quote name='Joe O'Connor' timestamp='1288784105' post='4229']
No, I would like to be able to remember who she is after! haha.
Miss watching your fav band live?

@Yorkshire, I didnt think of that. Your a bit dirty my friend

I wouldn't say I was dirty minded! Words are everything these days and can easily be misconstrued. For example, you could help your Uncle jack off a horse, or you could help your Uncle Jack off a horse. See what I mean? :P
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