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Would You Do This To Meet Emma

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i'd make Emma n everyone happy how about that


would you slap Justin Bieber in public to meet Emma?


I was just browsing around and saw this comment and had to say it almost made me spit out my tea. And yes, I'd slap Justin Bieber to meet just about anyone. :lol:

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^ lol, i want Emma to slap him tho lol, im jokin


anyways back to the topic, i dont have a pet so yea i would give away my pet


would you become the part of the Jackass team to meet Emma?

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depends, if it's essay i probly wouldnt, but if its multiple choice i would lol


would you watch the whole series of Rocky, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars in a row to meet Emma?

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