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I'm in love with Emma Watson

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Even though i know this is mission Impossible.

I'm in love with Emma Watson.

I don't care what people think my personalty and hers are almost the same.

The comments that she has i have to.

I'm not in love with her because she is an actress or that she has money or that she was Hermione Granger.

I'm in love with Emma Watson just because it is a good fit!

i also am in love with emma watson to your not the only one in fact i even voted for her in the teens choice awards and she won because of me!


excuse me im new but whats earth house?


Yep i have experieced that, soo not nice :sob:

excuse me im new but whats earth house

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From my old username Mr. Brownstone:


An angel lives in England

She comes from heaven above

Her eyes are like the stars in the sky

Her voice takes me to places I want to be

And she cast a spell on me, which was love at first sight

And I only want her love tonight.


I was sitting in a movie theatre, watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I saw a little girl with curly hair say "Has anyone seen a toad, a boy name Neville lost one?" I was elevan at the time. Ever since then, she's hooked me in, and I can't get out. It was truly "love at first sight," like she cast a spell on my heart and everytime I see her, I keep being pulled back in. I understand I'll probably never meet her in my life, and I already admitted that to myself. Sure, I'll still have dreams, fantasies about her, but they'll probably always remain as that.


I just want her to live her life to the fullest, and be the lovely girl that has done so much good during her life.


Sure, I can get married, she could get married. We'll continue to live seperate live's forever, but it'll always be her face that I can never escape.

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I have an interesting question.


How can you fall in love with someone that you only know from the T.V screens :)?


Just like how you can fall in love with someone from the internet. Someone you've never met. I have been in love with someone I met online and I have friends who have to. This is WAY more common then people think.. :P


Haha no i can't.

I just search more and more info about Emma Watson knowing how she is.

Watching every interview about her and then thinking that she is the one.

Our chemistery is 70% the same, some things that she likes i like them to.

But it is only just a dream that will never happen!


You can't actually know if you have good chemistry with a person unless you've met. But I know what you mean. You have similar interests etc. But don't forget that Emma can choose what kind of Image she wants to give us of her depending on what she says in interviews and what she does while she's in the public eye. The "real" her might be completely different. I'm not saying she's not being herself in interviews and such. But it is a possibility. I mean if I was famous and I did things that I didn't want the whole world to know about I would "tweak" the truth if you know what I mean.


But obviously I am an Emma fan so I have huge respect for the Emma II know and the Emma I know is the Emma I see in interviews ;)

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I can say that I love my friend Helen. We both fancy each other, and we both have known each other for a long time.


However...we've never met offline. So how can I say that I fancy her? Sure, I like the way she looks in pictures, but romance is much more than how a person looks digitally. It's all about touch, and the rest of the senses.


I can say that I like the way Emma looks. But would we get along? Who knows? I don't know what she's like in real life!


Plus, I've had real life girlfriends, enough to know that sometimes love can drive two people apart, rather than bring them closer together. Why would I want that with Emma?

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you can't know if that's how she is all the time though. you know the act she puts on for cameras not how she is in real life with her friends.

everyone knows that once the camera's come on you totally change your personality.

yeah.agreed!what you see is quite superficial.And you will never know whats behind the screen

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What you actually mean is: You love what you know about Emma. That's completely different to loving Emma. Only a couple of words, but a huge difference in meaning. Saying that you "love" someone is deep, too deep to be able to say that for someone you only know from the screen.


I too, find Emma the most beautiful woman I know (of), and from what I know of her she seems lovely. However, this doesn't mean anything - for all we know, outside of the screen, interviews, and the world of media she might be a horrible person! Of course, we all know she's not, and I'm completely exaggerating, but do you see my point? We only know what she wants us to know.


I too apparently have a load in common with her, and like I said, I find her to be the most beautiful woman I know, but like Kashif said, it's a dream that is extremely unlikely to be realised.


I'm infatuated with her to the extent that I actually feel sick sometimes, in the pit of my stomach, and feel like crying. I know, I know, this sounds utterly insane and un-real, as well as ridiculous, and I thought so too the first time I had the feeling. It's like something out of a fairy tale. (You know, the prince is lovesick yadda yadda). I find it difficult to explain this feeling to anyone, especially any of my friends who just think I'm being stupid.


This doesn't mean I'm going to stalk her. I respect her privacy, and although I may write her a letter or something, I'm not going to spend hours trawling the internet for her private email address, or such like, because I can imagine how she would feel, being watched, contacted, photographed 24/7 almost, I know that I would hate it, so I try to respect that, and make it better for her, in the only small way I can.

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