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The four Houses  

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Hufflepuff is where I would get placed with an outside chance at Ravenclaw.  Few people want to be Hufflepuff, it's not the "sexy" house to be in with a lot of HP characters you can relate to.   Therefore, a lot of people have a negative opion of the House I believe.  Not in the sense that they think of it as a bad house.. just not the house they'd want to be in. 


Truth be told, most of us are all assimilations of parts of each house. It's like picking a college: it's not where you go that matters as much as what you do when you go there. All hypothetically speaking of course. :P

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Younger me would say Gryffindor (pretty sure almost every kid said that?)


Currently, I'd say Slytherin. I've been told that by a lot of people. Shrewd, cunning, ambitious, clever, determined, slightly conservative, self preservation... sounds about right. Slytherin is completely misunderstood in my opinion.


That's where Pottermore put me as well, so go figure!

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