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Hi everyone !, i was on this forum a long time ago, its great to be back...


Heres something ive always thought....


havnt any of you ever felt that, the one and only killing curse, being soo powerful, and scary...JK, could have thought of a better word for it?? something more...mythical, or magical ? :blink: ...it has always sounded so....simple ? not really revolutionary of scary at all ?

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Rowling is a lover of words so the words and names she chooses for her stories all have meaning and a background. She didn't just pull a name like Dumbledore out of the air.


Here's something I found on Harry Potter wiki. A lot of this stuff(e.g. avada kedavra=abracadabra) we've all figured out for ourselves but it's good to get it straight from the horse's mouth so to speak-


During an audience interview at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 15 April, 2004, J. K. Rowling had this to say about the spell's etymology: "Does anyone know where avada kedavra came from? It is an ancient spell in Aramaic, and it is the original of abracadabra, which means 'let the thing be destroyed.' Originally, it was used to cure illness and the 'thing' was the illness, but I decided to make it the 'thing' as in the person standing in front of me. I take a lot of liberties with things like that. I twist them round and make them mine."[13]


Here's the link to the page - http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Killing_Curse


Not to mention that kedavra also sounds like the word cadaver which the recipient of the spell is. So the spell has multiple meanings and different levels.

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^Good find! :)


I was just talking to my boyfriend about this and he said: "Isn't it a bit random that you can just say two words and there...someone's dead?" Well I suppose it's not that simple. But anyway, I like the name since, as stated above, it does actually mean something :).

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I always assumed it was supposed to be ironic. Because it sounds like abracadabra and thats what everyone says when pretending to do magic! Seems like the perfect pick to me!!! Like, the word everyone recognizes is the worst spell!!! lol

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