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Let's liven this thread up!



I've been re-watching the series with my BF recently in preparation for our trip to the WB STUDIOS TOUR (yeah, there are no words to express my excitement!), finishing with DH Part 2 today.


My BF commented to me during the last film that the last kiss between Harry and Ginny (on the stairs during the battle) was 'a bit of a **** kiss really', which made me sad because I've always thought of that as my favourite H/G kiss in the films lol.


So, my question to you (which has probably been asked before, but hey, this thread needs some conversation!) is: which is your favourite H/G kiss in the FILM series and why?

If anyone wishes to discuss their book kisses as well, then of course that is always welcome :D



For me, in the film, my favourite was the aforementioned kiss on the stairs. It wasn't long but it was an extra one which wasn't in the book, so was a bonus for me, and IMO was more of the passionate H/G from the books which I believe had been missing from their previous movie kisses. I liked Ginny's 'I know' to Harry afterwards: for me, symbolic of their relationship at that stage - fighting in their separate ways, her supporting but letting him accomplish the task he had to do, but still letting each other know they cared.


In the book, my favourite was the kiss in Ginny's room at the beginning of DH - for me a beautiful, passionate pre-war embrace. I was a little sad they couldn't include it in the film, but the one in its place, with Harry zipping up Ginny's dress in the Burrow's kitchen, was a nice scene, with an amusing interruption from George ;), and more fitting for H/G's more 'mellow' relationship in the movies.


I love these two.


What does anyone else think?

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Miss Katharine,


I totally agree with your BF on this one...the kiss on the stairs, the final of the three kisses between Harry and Ginny in the films was a bit of a **** kiss.  It almost seems like it was thrown in just to appeal to fandom.  It was rushed and in an entirely poor/inappropriate moment.  I understand that they might not see one another again, but part of me has always had a bit of a problem with the kisses (yes the Ron and Hermione kiss too) occuring during the final battle (and I mean that in the books too).  This is just me being way over critical, because I love all the relationships in the HP series.  JKR did it right with Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny, but even if I can soften on my opinions over time, I stand by beliefs concerning the kisses.


To me the best kiss by H/G in the movies by a long shot was the first Harry and Ginny kiss.  The camera angle on the second kiss was disastrous.  Even worse than it was with the Ron and Hermione kiss (they should have gone with the edited kisses and angles).  To me Warner Brother's did a disservice to HP fans by caving to any concerns they may have had over the idea of the series being a "kid's series".  In reality, the books and the series was for children who were growing up and for grown ups.  Those were not grown up camera angles for the kisses.  The WB wussed out if I can say it that way. >.<


The first Harry Ginny kiss, while not how I had imagined it in the books, was still sweet and innocent in the movies.  It spoke love more than passion which was a sentiment beautifully portrayed.  Harry and Ginny's relationship was ALWAYS portrayed in the books as more love than sexual passion.  I imagined the kisses Ginny shared with Dean more passionately than those she shared with Harry.  I have no problem with two people not drooling in eachother's mouths in the movies  (please pardon the expressoin).  I simply mean to convey, that that is not what I was looking for neccessarily in the H/G kisses.  I just thought that they should be shown and not shielded.  The first kiss was done that justice at least,  The third kiss was also, and it's much more the timing of it that has and will always bother me.  So the third kiss would finish second if I had to rank them.


So I stand by the first movie kiss between Harry and Ginny as being the best and put my vote there.  Sorry about not capitulating to the third movie kiss Katharine. >.<

OMG ... btw Katharine i hope that you and your BF have a wonderful time when you tour the WB studios.  I'm quite jealous to tell you the truth. lol

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Ummmm.... what ever happened to "liven(ing) this thread up"?  :P 


Funny definition of livening things up you Brits have. Kinda like watching grass grow. :rolleye0012:


Ohhh... and how was the WB studio tour btw Katharine? :o <----- yes... I'm still jealous.

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Well it kinda fell flat :(


It was amaaaazing thanks, I was just walking around like :lostit::wub::drool:. If you ever get the chance, definitely check it out!




Not sure if I will ever get to Europe in my lifetime, but if I do, it will be on "the list". 


One of the things I really admire with JKR's writing and relationships is how the Harry and Ginny relationship is not important to the story in the sense that we don't see it as Harry's inspiration or his driving force behind defeating Voldemort.  It's personal, it's guarded and while it may have been something of a driving force, that aspect of it is private and shared between the two of them.  Much as the most intimate and meaningful moments in love are shared between the two and not the world.   I think it's part of why some fans find it tough to appreciate the Harry and Ginny relationship.  Love does not NEED to be on display to be there.  By not being on public display it is not any less meaningful or deeply felt.


Harry is also obviously a Christ figure in JKR's series and much like Christ in the Bible, Harry doesn't arive with pomp and circumstance.  No trumpet sounds.  There's a song by Chris Tomlin sung by Audrey Assad that I love called Winter Snow.  The song describes how Christ arrives like a winter snow, quiet, soft and slow... not like a rushing wind or a forrest fire or a roaring flood.  Harry fits that description.  He's understated and humble.  He does not seek attention or glory.  His love with Ginny is like that too.  As such, it's very fitting with his character and as a Christ figure.  Sometimes I find it absolutely rediculous that there are people who think of the Harry Potter series as anti-religious.  Of course that kind of naive closemindedness comes mostly from people who listen to others and do not read something for themselves. 


I know I'm getting on a tangent here, but there is something that is kind of a pet-peeve of mine, and that's when a person judges a book or an author without reading their writing.  I've seen this a lot with the Twilight series.  People feel free to bad mouth the writing because of what they heard from others.  I'm sorry, that doesn't cut it with me.  In my mind those people lose any credibility with me.  Even if they're basing their opinion off of trusted sources.  Make an informed opinion yourself is what I say.  I've read the entire series and I did not like it.  But at least I took the time to read it and make my own informed judgments about it.  The people I agree with most in life have several differences of opinion from me.  When I read a book review of a book I want to read, I try not to let it dissuade me or convince me to read it.  I try to use it as information and perspective whilst I read. 


I've seen people do this with the HP series too.  It's mind-numbing to me. 


Okay, I'm off my rant now.  *steps down from soap box*

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Exactly Jon,


The reason I love Harry/Ginny is the exact reason many people don't. It's subtle, it's not the central plot of a story which ISN'T a romance novel. It serves its purpose and doesn't get in the way, but is always there beneath the surface to support the hero on his journey. For me, it is the most fitting relationship for Harry (and I'm not even talking about Ginny as a person here, though I think she is also the most fitting, but the way the relationship is written). It doesn't need to be the centre of things to be great... it needs to be real. H/G, IMO, is real.

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Thanks Katharine, but it's sad to me now.  I look back on a lot of the "insights" I thought I had into the characters and who they are and I don't feel like I know them any more.   It stinks to have to admit that maybe everything I was seeing was off base.  I feel a bit the fool.  :(

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Have a good first day at Hogwarts, James Sirius!


I knew it was coming soon.  I just didn't realize HOW soon.  I tended to think more often of the nearing arrival of the first day in terms of Albus Severus.  :doh:


Proving yourself Dumbledore's Woman through and through once again Katharine! :yesyes:

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