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Emma Watson “owling�


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According to the Urban Dictionary, “owling†is the successor to “plankingâ€. Both are actually stupid and pointless as I hope everyone realises, but her recent pose makes me wonder whether she intended to imitate owls. She even made her eye look owlish!


Emma Watson “owlingâ€:


A real own:


Do not hate. This is intended to be a cute topic!

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What's up with the whole "planking" phase and who started it? Many celebrities on Twitter are posting photos of themselves "planking". :blink:


Anywho...Emma makes a cute owl impression. Owls are so darn cute, I wouldn't mind having one. Especially snow owls. :rolleye0012:

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I don't understand this topic. It went from owling which just seems ...

To the lying down game which everyone phrases as 'planking.'


Exacally what was the point of this topic? >.< I'm confused.

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