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I didn't see a topic for Deleted Scenes from the Harry Potter movies, so I thought I'd make one. Already posted an adorable one in the DH-topic but I found this one in which it's included, together with some others...sorry if it's already been posted, I checked it but couldn't find any topic related to it...


First there's this one:


Some of these are so amazing! Ron and Hermione are the cutest and I love Petunia's line at the beginning...they should've at least kept that one if you ask me.


If you have some, from other movies than DH as well, show them! I'd like to see more :).

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I found all the deleted/additional scenes for Goblet of Fire,for anyone who hasn't seen them,or wants to watch them again :D






They should have added the first scene on this video...haha :D


I also found all the deleted scenes for Prisoner of Azkaban







LOL at Sir Cadogan :P there are some great scenes here :)

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Thanks for posting those, Nicole! I enjoyed watching them, especially the Goblet of Fire ones :D


Somehow I never got around to watching the deleted scenes from Order of the Phoenix DVD until today, I love

, and also
from Half-Blood Prince. Which reminds me, I don't think I've seen any from the first two movies either. Youtube, here I come.
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