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Ow! beautiful chick! amazing shots! I do like your style of shooting a lot, and how every shoot doesn't look the same as the last one - each one transmitting something distinctive, that to me is part of the definitions of talent and professionalism. I wanna shoot like that too. For now it's just the flowers from my garden(would you like to see that? I do have a topic in visual art that I just abandoned unintentional of course just lack of time).

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woah, i havent been here for a while! 

im feeling that site&forums are dead.. a little bit... since HP ended :(


where are you guys? (and who says it, right? >_< ) 


I came to show you my latest photo. I took it at saturday

(next photoshoot at saturday :P inspired by shots of Emma, so glamour *__* )


so, let me know what do you think, even if its in a little bit too dark mood ;) 






see you next week! *kisses*

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  • 2 months later...

thank you girls *kisses* 





im feeling like a pro. finally!!!!! :D




I love the Glamour Effect, neat. It feels good, isn't it? When I work, I feel divine. But in graphic design, not so much in the editing dept where I have more work to do.

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