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i envy your awesome skills with photoshop and simple photos.

Aww no no Kella, no need to. <3


the new set looks wonderful. and the birthday present is lovely too. <3

Aww thank you Lindy.


beautiful!! :)

Tehe thanks. (:

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I still didn't comment on your new set?! How could I?:mellow:

I love it, the coloring is pretty.

Awww thank you BoMa, I adore your comments. xD




Nothing new i've lost inspiration. I'm watching Beastly tomorrow, hopefully I come out with some.

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I lovelovelove the colouring you use! And the font, what is it?

Aww thank you, and yeah I love the font it's 'post-it note' I found it a few years ago and only just started using it, lool. xD I'm so slow!


I love your set, I loved Bonnie's fake death scene xD

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Oh, well I do like it :D


Thank you! Yessss, it was SO good. I'll admit I cried, although it was pretty obvious she wasn't ACTUALLY dead :P I'm glad she didn't, I love Bonnie! She totally stole that episode, but Damon dancing... :drool:




I couldn't find the 'Oh yeah!' one :(




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