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I know they are all Emma I thought it was unfair to give everyone the fandom they liked, others might like someone elses more. Equal Opportunity... so you all got Emma. You can't complain, it's the only reason your on this forum hehe :P



(Please comment when you have collected yours. I would like to know who I need to send theirs personally)







There's 5 more, but they won't upload, i'll try again later. (:


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Oh Jade it's so beautiful, thank you. I love it. I'll definitely be using this.


EDIT: oh and I love the one you're using, too. very pretty. (:

You're very much welcome (: Oh and thank you (: I just wanted something simple and christmassy. :P

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Thank you so much for the gift jade. I have added to my signature and I credit you.

hehe your welcome, and thank you (:


I love you epic mate <3 I am in love with my sig <3 thanks agian

hehe <3 I love you too.

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