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Yeah it was okay, but if your a hardcore fan like me you'd be pretty disappointed with that episode. Elena was a total b*tch using him like that, it was wrong and shouldn't have been done. It wasn't action of Elena either, but that's just because she's turning into Katherine. Shame.

thats good for her! I like Kate. Elena is... boring. same Stefan.

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I'm sorry to say these graphics will be the last ones from me for a couple of weeks. I've been working on Christmas gifts in my spare time and I've only made three so far. D: It is a slow process for me, finding spare time.






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awesome stuff :)

Thank you. :D


your set is best!

like E&D 1st one ^^

Thank you. xD


Those are beautiful. And I understand that, I haven't made anything in months and that's because I can't find spare time at the moment. But, hope you find spare time. I'll miss seeing your creations.

Thank you.

Yeah D: I have exams the week before and the week after Christmas so my Christmas will be stressful, so I'm getting gifts done now.


the emma one is so so beautiful!!

Thank you Ashley. :D

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I just can't get over how pretty your sig is. Love your work, and I'm happy to see how much you improved. :yesyes:

Thank you. :D


the hugh jackman one :excited:

great sigs!!! :)


Thank you. :D

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