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Gameplay wise AC: Revelations does not add much new stuff. The hookblade is overrated and the game could have functioned perfectly well without that weapon. The bombs are kind of nice although I did not find much use for them. The tower defense game is forgettable. The only thing Revelations has which might be worth your time is the story but even that could have been handled better.

I had fun with Revelations though but I'm an Assassin's Creed fan so I can justify for myself to spend full price on this game. Others might not be able to do that.

Haven't done the multiplayer by the way...not really my thing. I am kind of looking forward to co op because that I do like.
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Sorry about bumping an older thread.


I picked up AC3 for my Wii U a couple weeks ago for $15 (it was a good price. I needed a new game for my Wii U. It was a done deal). I've been playing AC3 a lot for the past few days and I'm now divided on whether I like it or not. I haven't finished the game yet, but I'm about 3/4 through as of today.


The beginning is pretty slow. The story thus so far (for me anyway) has been okay. I'm not a big fan of "the new world" when it comes to history, so it wouldn't be surprising if I wasn't incredibly interested. Conner can sometimes be so naive that it almost angers me. What I'm finding as I roll through the story mode, is that I kind of side with the Templars on some things. Is that odd?


Gameplay is pretty solid and addictive. I LOVE hunting. I could spend hours doing it. I didn't have to work today, so I just sat in my rec-room hunting various animals. I like hanging around John's Town and just picking off as many bears as I can. Then I felt disgusted with myself after I saw how much time had gone by.

What kills the gameplay for me (and you can disagree), is guns. I don't like the addition of guns to the AC games, that's just my personal preference.


As far as the Desmond story/gameplay goes, I kind of liked it this time. I feel like I'm not alone when I say the struggles outside of the Animus have never been nearly as interesting as the ones within the Animus. For the series as a whole, sometimes I get kind of confused because there are moments when it feels like there are three plots rolling at once. There are times I feel like Ubisoft should have just done a historical epic series or something instead.


What are your opinions of AC4? I like pirates, so it has my attention. I'm not totally convinced of it though. I usually don't buy games full price, and I don't like AC enough to spend $60 on it. So maybe a year later I'll buy it. Also, what historical period would you guys want to see in a future AC game? I'm dying for Elizabethan England, Ancient Greece or Feudal Japan. Though they may never happen, you can always dream.

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