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So, do you wanna be a podcast host?

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I apologize for the lame title.


Emma-Watson.net is currently trying to set up a monthly podcast where it'll discuss the Emma news and a variety of other topics. We are looking for people who are interested and capable of hosting this podcast.


You will be hosting together with me (Maestro) and Laura. The podcast will be around 15 minutes long each month.


Of course we have some requirements:


- You need to be able to speak English (it doesn't have to be perfect or without accent, people just need to be able to understand you)

- You need to be able to use skype

- Have a decent headset or microphone

- At least one hour per month for preparation and recording the podcast


If you think you are able to meet above requirements send a pm to me and we will arrange a date where we can meet up on skype to chat.


If you have any questions feel free to ask them in this thread or through pm.

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