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New Elle France Photoshoot

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Here's a translation from iheartwatson.net:



Emma Watson, 21, bounces to a song by Talking Heads


It is 16 hours. Music is the way into the photo studio for 10 am, and Emma Watson, 21, hops on a Talking Heads song. This morning she hopped on Rihanna and Fleetwood Mac. She came with her so we put her iPad playlist. At no time, she grumbles nor drags. All the major retarded teenagers her age do, it does not, except at the table where she eats on her nose iPad. She knows how to work. A kid who, it seems, had been diagnosed hyperactive elementary school. Even the look is bright, bubbly: many fuse intelligence of this young person. The photo shoot is finished, everyone applauds Emma. I am wondering how I’ll do the interview with AC / DC at full volume, when she offers herself to go out and put us in peace. Change of atmosphere. We are the bottom of the studio, eat strawberries, in silence. It feels good. I look differently at once. The few small spots of anything on the front. The line of the eyebrows. The length of the lashes. The perfect teeth. This is Emma Watson, known throughout the world since the age of 12. The cover of “Teen Vogue†in 15 years. The imprint of his hands on the ground in Hollywood at 18. Its status as the most stylish woman of 2010 (according to the “Glamour†English). Its status as a bankable actress most of the decade. A fortune at his disposal for a year (the sum of all fees for “Harry Potterâ€). His brand of clothing for teens, Love from Emma. So many fans that even at Lancôme, which had recruited to be the image of the perfume Trésor Midnight Rose, we do not return. In two weeks, the new face had 15 million items on the Internet.


She plays the game, buzz on Twitter and Facebook


In addition, the kid plays the game, buzz on Twitter and Facebook, and makes a local brand Lancôme. It must be said that Emma Watson makes you want to live. Or to live like her. Even I feel like perfume as Hermione. It seems that there is in the world of little girls who want to pursue higher education just because Emma really. Still, if this girl has so much impact, but also because it can not be easily influenced. To the question: “Is it so obvious that it was agreeing to be the image of a fragrance? “She replies,†I’ve always been very nervous at the thought of exposing myself without being sheltered by a role. But hey, I watched the women who worked before me for Lancôme. They never changed person. They take you as you are. So I agreed. I decided to trust. “And, basically, the entire campaign by Mario Testino shows beautiful (beautiful) and Emma as well. I asked him why, if she trusts, she wanted to make-up itself: “I’d rather do it myself rather than being what someone else imagines me. I started this business young, and I learned that, not being eaten, we must show that it is permanently. “It’s also why she Twitter, she speaks through his website or Facebook.


Emma saw the most time away from his parents


She prefers to speak about her rather than leave it to others. Question makeup, she likes to add the black in the back of makeup and mascara too. Having shot the Burberry campaign and now one of Lancôme, she acknowledges that the business model is much more difficult than acting because “be a model, it has no real source in you.†However, it works fine, as almost everything she does. She says her strength is her sus’ancrer. Think Emma lived mostly away from his parents (also divorced and remarried: she is the eldest of seven children …) since the age of 10 years. Think it is known and revered throughout the world. “I dream for years to meet people who do not know who I am, to see what I’m not what you know about me. “Think she still managed to preserve his privacy:†I got good habits early. There are three: look at the mistakes of others (everything not to do), do not go clubbing, and say no very quickly to an indiscreet question. “She struggles successfully to avoid being a girl and it spends a lot of evenings reading and cramming courses. It enters into the third year of history and English, does not have much spare time (she has two upcoming films “My Week with Marilyn,†by Simon Curtis, and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,†by Stephen Chbosky). It accepts loans of clothing for special occasions and not to take the lead, and if it invests

into simple parts, not black “because it’s sad and too easyâ€, and often among French “APC, Isabel Marant and many Agnès b … these obvious things you know invent, you, the French, with your your sobriety and elegance. I can never be like a French woman, it seems that you are free at all. â€


Short hair, what a victory!


A year ago, only mission “Harry Potter†ended, she wonders what she would love to do to celebrate the end of the cycle. Without telling anyone, she goes to the hairdresser. She said: “We cut everything. “Obviously, the barber did not dare touch the head of Hermione. She insists her little air fighter. It cuts. “All teenagers experiment, I could not do them, at least there, I made one. Short hair, what a victory! “What will it later? “One day later but then really, not at all in the short term, yes, maybe, I’ll start a family …†It is also considering writing, she paints … but it is too intelligent not to know that you can be a bit ridiculous to say these things, so she apologizes. She admired Joni Mitchell and Patti Smith. Today she has an agent who is there and waiting to take Emma as Emma wants to go, given, of course, appointments and obligations … a good trip, smart girl.


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She truly is just stunning...I love this shoot-very natural looking!! I dont like it when they put so much make up on Emma for shoots-she is just the type of girl who doesnt need alot of makeup. Natural beauty inside and outside :)

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MY GOD! She is flawless! STUNNING!


How much would this be over here? There's a shop in town near me that sells magazines from all over the world, but I don't want to make the trip and not have enough money. >.<

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