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I actually have an interest in this (only because Joseph Gordon-Levitt is starring main character! just kidding :D)and I am looking forward to watching this sometime next week. So it's inspired by a true story, and it's a comedy based on a 27 year old who gets diagnosed with cancer and his struggle to beat the disease. It looks pretty heartwarming.





And this is the trailor :)


Who's interested in this movie/opinions?

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I will definitely watch it when it comes out! The critics loved it, so I guess it is pretty great. AAAnd JGL and Seth Rogen together? AWESOME :ohyeah:

It did get pretty good ratings. I certainly enjoyed it. Seth Rogen was so hilarious!


Oh gosh! I really have to see this! I hope it doesn't have a depressive end!

I won't spoil anything; you'll definitely enjoy it!

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