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Who was the first person you talked to on the forum?

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It was either Josie, Grant, or Heba. Unfortunately none of them have remained on the forum T_T.

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cant remember.It actually has been ages since my last sign-up.I actually had met lots of nice people at the old forum when I was about 14 or 15 and many of them dont come here regularly.I even forgot my password and username of this forum today.But anyway,Im back:D!!!Hi everyone,Im Mia:D

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I joined a few months before this new forum become a thing. First actual conversation was with Ashley and we got in trouble for it because it was in some random thread and it was off topic.

Then I started chatting with good old Jade, then Padfoot, then with Sammy (aka michief.managed). Have a loooooong conversation history with Sammy ha. I am also known to chat with Arie.

I don't post so much anymore because I forget or something. Mostly hide in the PM's

Tell you what though, looking through my friends on here there's some names I haven't seen in the longest time!

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