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Girl's Generation

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hi lol, for those of you that don't know already, i've recently became a kpop fan

but im not making this thread to talk about how much i like it...


i really just want to know your opinion.


So, recently one of (if not) the biggest girl group in Korea revealed that they would debut in the U.S

and some other countries in america...




they obviously have a different appeal and concept than the usual american music

but they're not the first korean aritst to debut in the US

others like BoA, Wonder Girls and

have, but they havent been as successful .... that i know of



Girl's Generation is one of my favorite kpop groups, so in all honesty

do you guys think they have a chance to be successful in the U.S?


just to mention, they're with Interscope Records, who has managed lady gaga, black eyed peas and others




ill feel stupid if no one replies to this tbh lmao

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Girl's Generation has a lot of chance to success in America, in my opinion. They have a lot of fans around the world, and a lot of people makes tributes in Latin America. Plus, their music is catchy.


Beside of what you mentioned, I think other groups like 2ne1, TVQX and CNBLUE would have success as well.

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I think Girls Generation would have to modify their music a bit to appeal to American audiences because what works in Asia might not work in America. I think the western audience, has really moved away from girlbands and boybands so it will be interesting to see whether they would be appealing to them. I also hope that some of the girls are fluent in speaking English because I think that is what Boa struggled with, she was fine with singing in English but struggled when it came to interviews.

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2 of the girls were born in america so language won't be a problem with them


what worries me more than just the music is

there are 9 girls in the group


and its been a long time since there's been a successful girl group

(besides pussy cat dolls that was practically nicole and her backup dancers)


but a lot of people say what caused the other kpop artist to fail in america

was promotion, so im hoping because girls generation is in a good lable

that they would have more chance...


ahh idkidk, i'll have to wait and see i guess heh

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Wow. A thread about a KPOP group. and it's SNSD. :)

Hmmm. Let me think about this.

Because of the Record label and their GENIUS <_< company they might have a chance.



More suitable for American music scene I could say is 2ne1 :king:

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I been listening to them this past months, and I'd say they're pretty good, tho I dnt understand a word they say but if the music is good I'll listen to it hahaha. And I kinda respect them for staying strong and never gives up, their true fans probly understand what I'm talkin about.

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