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Emma .... "EastEnders"....Awsome!

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American A list actors pull stints on American Soaps and it doesn't effect their big screen personas. In fact it probably helps. I think it would be cool if Emma decided to give soap acting a go. Everyone knows that acting on a soap isn't easy. I think this would be great for Emma...if she has the time to act a few scenes on the british soap. James Franco here in the U.S. does it from time to time, while attending University. It's not frowned upon in fact it's seen as cool for young actors and fans alike here. It also keeps the actor in peoples minds while they are away from the big screen. Also I'm glad Emma is taking time for herself and going to Oxford and everything but as a fan I admit to being selfish and want to see her in as many films, tv, theater, mags, commercials as possible... :yesyes:

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