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first one is amazing

love the softness

That is because the scan is so good and clear, although the hair was a bit tricky to do, and the second one I used contrast on it which I forgot to mention. Also, I mostly edit the photos so that you guys will have graphics material, so I'd love to see what you'd do with them.

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Would you believe if I say I was thinking of doing the same thing?!! :lol:


I loooooooooooove it â¤


so glad! For me it isn't neat enough, (AS USUAL) but I had a good idea with it. :wub:

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^ check out my thread :) posted wallpapers of those photos


Really? I will!


Ooooh yes......


These pics are too good to be true and your editing is the icing on a delicious cake ....

The same selective coloring, darker and in amazing black and white.


Edited by Elena
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that's gorgeous!


thank you ashley! <3


wow, i really like the darker contrast b/w shot shot of Emma with the colored orchid, is it? great job. :) moar, please!


wooop thank you, glad you like it, now everybody took my selective coloring and they make the orchid diff. other colors, and more? Of what? :)

The only cool effect was of that photo, the rest didn't fit other effects. Maybe if they release other photos of her. In the meantime there's that beautiful

calendar I posted for you peeps!

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