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that is pretty, but a suggestion, how about picking a picture of emma that suits the theme of Halloween. But otherwise, very well done :)


I LOVE that photo and I didn't like any other :( so sorry. I thought it's the only one suiting my arrangement and background.Wanted to make another one with a ...as you put it...more suitable photo...but having 10 hrs of work everyday couldn't make any more cals. Pity coz I had a few more ideas. Anyway, glad you like it the way it is! <3

Edited by Elena
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aww dont feel sad love it was a suggestion :) i know you have work and you dont have that much time, its okay :) nothing to be sorry for :kiss:


I'm not sad hun, i did try other images but no win. She stayed. Tough one to take out of the original bg - that grain drove me nuts.

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Awwwww... Thank you soooooo much Elena

you're a sweetheart â¤

Happy New Year to you too.. May you have all the best of everything in life...

I'm so happy to have you as a friend... Love always! Xxx


YOU WELCOME :) I hope 2014 will be a ton better!

I had to post them because of you unpatient lil sweetie.

Glad you love it!

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In with the new edits*


Model asleep, black and white, before and afters 2x because I can't help myself not to.


Original image


HIghlights reduced, shadows increased


Duo Tone


*I have more to come, Chanel adverts edited and Jennifer Lawrence as she's my new favorite.

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