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it looks much more better   :)

thank you! i'm a bit worried about inside the eye on the right but i guess it's the angle, but at least I tried and cleaned it up a bit.

do you like the tints?

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I love the calendars!

thank you ashley, played around with the vectors and the this is the end premiere photos, i couldn't resist!


I love the calendars and the sets good job picking the backgrounds colors they are just perfect.

the background color was a happy accident actually, let me walk you through it: so the original idea was from 2013 september cal and I loved it so kept it, when I started working with that I realized I no longer have that vector bird i used on it so used a flower one as seen. The photo was smaller in resolution and wanted to warm up the original photo used with hue and saturation adj. layer and that adjustment layer changed the bg color! I was like whoa I love it, thanks! Photoshop magic. Played around with the flower vector too. Glad you love them! xx


Great cutting! Love the textures and placement of photos

Lindy, I did work hard on taking them out of the background, because even if they are high res, the edges will be rough and need to be smoothed out all around her.

But I'm patient enough to take my time to do it on all the photos I use so i have a folder for all png images for future uses, and I am pretty pleased myself with how it all came together. Thank you, I'll play with more sets, coz it's so much fun!

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