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Visual art, my kind of place really. I will enjoy myself here. I ended up painting in photoshop cs5 because it had paintbrushes. I progressed a lot and I will show you some of my works. Before painting I was retouching images that have problems like angry pixels, darkness, etc. My art is abstract, creative, original, colorful, there are ideas, visions behind it. Let me know what you like, I'd love to 'hear' from you. I'd like you to post your own, let's share.










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aww.. hope you get inspiration. you painting is awesome<333


I'll freakin' try to paint some poppies. Lord help me. I haven't painted in a year. I didn't post all I painted/put together. I just made a selection, this topic didn't get a lotta love, so I'm surprised I have ladies around. I'll bring smh new soon.

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