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Narnia books

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I like the Narnian books and I also like the movies. My favourite Narnian books are, The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and The Silver chair. My favourite characters would have to be Prince Caspian, Jill Pole and Eustace.

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hey ! i loved the books but was disappointed by movies. compared to Harry Potter movies, they look poor and commercial... some actors are great, though. and i like


the books... they're wonderful. The first ones are my favorites, I love Lucy and Edmund, poor thing ! He learns a lot, that's why he's my favorite :) And also, when I found out that the whole story was about religion, i was like "waw, he's so clever, he found the right way to explain religion to children, because they can discover so many things by theirselves thanks to these books !"


but in the same time, I felt betrayed, because I was reading to escape from a world in which people fight in the name of God, and I realised I'd been kind of manipulated ! But still, it's a great story. and if a lot of people are fighting around it, it may be because it is deep and full of hidden meanings. Plus we have to note that the author died in 1963 : we can't ask him too much about feminism and all the stuff !

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