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Joanne's graphics

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Awesome wallpapers Joanne. :)

Thank you so much! you,Jade and many other members that support me,make me more willing to try sth new at making graphics and improve! thank you so so much! :ohyeah: :ohyeah: :ohyeah:


Nice wallpapers, the one with Hayden is beautiful! :)

Thank you so much sweetie! :ohyeah: :ohyeah: :ohyeah:

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Nice! I like the swirly notes!

Thank you so much for your incredible support! :ohyeah: :ohyeah: :ohyeah:


I like the Emma set!

Thank you sooo much! :ohyeah: :ohyeah: :ohyeah:


Love the last wallpaper, that guy is hot. :drool:

:ohyeah: Muchas gracias!!! yeah he's my favorite singer!!! :excited:


The Seven Potters Wallpaper:

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