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Getting really good at making wallpapers!

Oh thank you so much! :ohyeah:


I like the last one.

Thank you very much! :ohyeah:


The last one is my favourite. The second is beautiful too. :)

Thanks a lot! :ohyeah:


Signatures :




love set:


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Love those pictures! The icons are nice but the picture quality looks a little bit poor, that's a shame. :( Otherwise good work!!

Thank you so much dear ! yeah I have not the HQ ones! lol


Emma and Rupert wallpaper :



I will make twitter skins as soon as possible.

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The harry wall is great. I think it might have been better without the picture on the far right though. You have left it blue. :P

Oh thank you very much for your advice ! :ohyeah:


I like the Emma banner she looks adorable

Thanks a lot !


I can't see your latest wallpaper. :(


OK, that's it.


Update :


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