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I shall check out some Holocaust Memoirs, don't you worry about that! We don't really have a decent sized book store within 30km from my house. But my Amazon ones arrived today so that'll hold me down for a while.




Karen... I have a question for you.

You were brought up Catholic right? and just recently been getting into the other sort of denominations around now?


Did you find the formality of Catholicism made it hard to connect with God on a real personal level? I've always wondered that, compared to the more "relaxed" style of other denominations.


Yep, I was raised Catholic :) I've found myself on a spiritual journey lately and it's been very difficult but also very rewarding. I'm content with not labeling myself as anything in particular and forming my own relationship with God - I know He will reveal all things to me in His time. So I'm cool with that!


Ok so here's the thing I didn't like about Catholicism. Yes, it was hard to connect with God through the formality of it all, and I also didn't agree with all of the doctrines of the Church. I'm not much into tradition and to be quite honest, Catholicism is dying out. People are sick of the formality, the restrictiveness, the old thought. The catholic church can't and won't gain more followers until it starts moving forward itself. Does that make sense? For me, that was one of the things.


But here's the thing. April 2011, my eyes were opened. That was something I needed to see God, to be able to listen to God, and understand Him better. Since moving back into school, I've been to catholic mass a couple of times because one of my roommates is a devout catholic. And I've found that since my eyes were opened, it's easier to go into a mass and hear God speaking. I still don't like some of the traditions but I've found that they aren't so important to me anymore. So it was more of a personal step that I needed to take and now I realize that religion can't contain God. :) Does that make sense? I hope that helped a little bit!

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