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Lomography is a type of photography that uses vintage cameras and toy cameras. They use these types of cameras because it creates a look that in some circles considered as a bad picture. But with lomography, that is the whole point. The lomographer is looking for the off colors, wrong focus, vignetting effects. But the challenge is, they want to do it in a way that looks good and is considered art. But since this type of photography is done on film, the photographer doesn’t know what he has until the film is processed.



Have any of you tried Lomography before? I love vintage things, so this certainly fits in the category. I've thought about purchasing a Diana (F+, Mini, Dreamer...) camera for hmm, roughly a year now, I think I will finally get one. They're not expensive if you know where to look, they're just for a bit of fun and anyone can do Lomography.

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