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Happy Bithday Mr. Pumpkinhead!

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Since it's past midnight over here I just wanted to officially wish my dearest e-husband a very wonderful and awesome 36th birthday!!


Here's a special cake :D


Also I couldn't help to get these too!



I really hope you have a wonderful new year that's filled with happiness just like you gave me happiness by being my awesome best friend and my amazing e-husband :wub::blush: :3m_sie:

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whoooop de dooooo!!!

happyy birthday Jon!!

(my favourite e-grandpa!)




you get both chocolate and vanilla cake!



and of course a fabulous car!


I hope you have a wonderful day, because you're amazing. Also all the best for 2012!


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happy birthday jonnn.


Since we got tons of cake and cupcake and Italian started, I decided to make some hor d'eouvres. Dark chocolate hazelnut truffles. :D


Because the fresh cheese and bacon is so expensive this year, I dressed the appetizer down with some Ritz crackers; I hope it's "ritzy" enough for you...maybe will bring back childhood memories, eh?

Ps: don't let Jeremy steal them all; I know how much he loves his bacon. :|


Aaand, some Coquito...a Puerto Rican drink. Don't ask what's in it, but the Forum youngin' peeps can't partake in that. :)


I hope you have a decent birthday and spend it with fun people who care about you!



Edited by Kim.
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I missed my grandpa birthday, FAIL!

But it's not that late right grandpa?










Have an amazing birthday. :3m_sie:

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Man oh man, where's Jon been? I haven't seen a post from him lol.


I hope I get this many wishes next month :o .


I hope you had a wonderful day Jon, ;) .

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