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Right, so I guess I'll introduce myself since I never did before on the old forums .


My name is Kella but you may call me by my username, or Bert which is a nick that is far from my real name, I know. haha .. I won't list my age, however, because it'll bug me when I'm not that age anymore and cannot change it. So just look at my profile if you're that curious.

I can't honestly remember how long I've been working with graphics, but I'm no graphic God. so I warn you at times they will suck. But thanks for dropping by and looking. (:

Well really if you would like to know more about me just send me a PM, don't be shy.



I've only got one graphic made especially for this, and since it is an Emma Watson forum we are on I thought my first graphic in 3 months would be an Emma Watson one. So I hope you enjoy, and I'll find time for more .


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Oh Kella you finally opened a showcase, or whatever it's called here xP

did you make your sig? I really love it, simply perfect

and the other one is nice too, the blending looks great

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Cute new one's! >.<


Love you Kella!


Thanks bby, I love YOU.


great to have u here ans awesome sigg too<333

Im i still allowed to call u Lea like i used to?




Luv your new art. Hope you have time to make more! =D




Thanks, Josh.




Well, I just recently found out how to make gifs in CS4 and this is my second one, but I like to think of it as my first since it's the only one actually moving. aheh. I know it isnt of Emma, but I'll make Emma graphics this afternoon, I promise. <3

Thanks for looking.

(by the way, it's of Hayley Williams from Paramore. Off the Playing God video.)


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Thank you.

And I know, but I wanted this showcase of mine to have a lot more Emma graphics since my last one only consisted mostly of Hayley Williams.

And plus, all those new gorgeous photos of Emma scattered across the internet? How could I refuse? hehe.

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^Awww, that's really cute - seriously!




Thank you, you really are very kind.




I have made something real quick-like. I did have two versions but alas, the colored did not make it.

But I hope you enjoy this one anyways.



Thank you for looking.

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