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Seriously I love it in all honesty.


:o THANK YOU!!! That means a lot to me .


That new Emma Banner is amazing! I love your set Kella! I'm happy you're coming back darling. xD


Thanks m'lovely wife.


I don't think they are rubbish. I think they are wonderfully made. :D


You're too kind, you.





Just one last update. It is fairly rubbish to be completely honest. Rushed through and poorly worked with.



But if the lot like it, that's good

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I love the Emma and Ron wallpaper. It looks cool.


xD thanks


the first one... wow it's really beautiful Kella. the use of textures and the font. please don't say it's rubbish. it really is beautiful. nothing you make is ever rubbish to me.


pfft, you're too kind.


It's pretty but might need a hint of more colors. The text can be better too.


Yeah, I was just in a rush. :P


I love the latest one, but, I can barely see Ruperts face. ): *Cries in a corner* :P


I know, I didn't know till after I posted and didn't save the PSD file. D:





Don't laugh, it's also rushed.



It doesn't look right.

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i LOVE the b&w hayley one so so so much!!!! brillant sigg dear <3333


thank you so much!!


love <3 you're very talented!!


I wouldn't say 'talented' but I'd say I am alright, but I'm very happy you think so.


Love them, you are really improving.


You have no idea how much this means to me. A graphic God, such as yourself, is very honouring to hear. I've been such a fan of your work for a long time and I've always been intimidated by you but even though I know I will never be as good as you are this still means a lot to me so thank you Boma.




I do not have an update at the moment. We had a tornado hit us on Wednesday and I'm lucky our house didn't get destroyed and they were saying the tornado was over a mile long and destroyed everything in its path. It was very sad. The place it hit the worse was barely half a mile away from my house but I won't go into detail unless you really wanna know then PM I guess. But I now have power so I hope to be having updates soon.

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Yes you can be better than me, I'm not that good. It's you who will decide where you wanna take this hobby.

I'm no god I'm just a normal graphics maker ;)


I'm glad you're ok, it's very sad though what happened to your city.

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