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Excuse the double posting.


But I have an update with a favourite Emma photo.





I love it it's amazing!


N'aww, thanks babe.


Ooh, its lovely. I love the background!




Hah, thank you. Just used some brushes mainly with the background. (:


billie piper, love her :D

LOVE your latest graphics <3


Ooh... I love Billie


the emma banner is awesome!!!! and the billie piper bannner :o


Thank you!

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i kinda like the second one<3

i love the use of stocks but yeah too pink :) but its cool anyway




The second one is better. It's lovely Kella. <3


Thanks babe.






Made one more Emma one, well Granger one. xD


I like it, so..


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The pink is kinda okay but the text doesn't match. D: It's still nice though. :)


it's actually purple..


WOW your graphics have improved so much!

you are so much better than me!

love alll of the harry potter graphics!


ly kellas! ♥


thank you linds. glad someone likes the stuff..





going on a break..

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