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wow that is another beautiful one! I like the colours and the way you merged the pictures together!

LOVE the new Hermione one!!!!


thanks you two.




Just an update because I've been inspired since yesterday. xD


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Awsome wallpaper. :D


I'm glad you like it.


i love how u used the texture dear<33 and the colour is great!!!


Thank you! :D


Love the new wallie.


Oh thank you BoMa !!


love the emma wallpaper :)







Recently saw the Paramore 'Monster' video, yes I am slow at finding out stuff.. whatevs.


Made some Hayley banners and might make a wallpaper



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OMG I love the signature and these gifs. <3 Gah I wish I knew how to do animations! D:


I love YOUR signature. :P thank you



awww i love those<333 make more make more!!!!

so i can use :P


Heh, you're in luck. I'm making more.







(i may use this)



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its a good thing u are making more :P i can change when i want a new sigg hehe... u should make icons too :excited: i love the first one the more and all the other hayey ones :blush: and wow that emma wall rocks!!!

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