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Introducing myself ;D

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Hello everybody,


I wanted to tell a few things about myself since im new to this page :)


Name: Volker

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Location: Bochum, German


Job/work: Student at University of Bochum

Course of study: Computer Science for the fields maschine-engineering, building-engineering, neuroinformatics and economics with the B.Sc. degree and about got receive my engineering title. Planning to either do Master in same course of study and then do another one til bachelor or do my current one til bachelor and finish second one with master degree.

Planning to spend 1-2 Semesters in the UK.

What the second course of study could be? I dont know yet :) , but I tend to languages, economics and history!


Hobbies: reading books, listening to music, going out with friends, technology of any kind, history, foreign cultures/countries, cooking, sportive activities such as running, weight lifting, badminton etc

Intention: Meeting new people here and of course to talk about Emma Watson and getting the latest news ;D


Favourite harry potter book: harry potter and the half blood prince




First of all I've to say that im not really an euphoric fan like 1000 posters of her in my room and this kind of stuff but more of a silent admirer :)

I still do remember when I got harry potter and the philosopher's stone in 1998 amd was about 9 years old back then.

Thats one of the many reasons I loved the story of J.K.Rowling. I grew up with those characters, they were constant followers at the same age and that way I could easily identify myself with them!

It was and still is one of my favourite books since these books contain so much inspiration for simply everything in life.

Though why do I like Hermione that much?

Well despite her beauty there are also character based reasons.

She played her role in the movies in such a perfect way that its not possible to describe!

Especially to see so many parallels between the role and herself like her eagerness at school and university - simply talented.


What I also appreciate is Emmas attitude in public. No bad news about alcohol abuse cases or similar things.

She keeps things straight and in the correct way - she got class!


Right, I hope this gave a good overview and will hear from ya :P

Time to leave to uni now!


passion aka Volker

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Omg, now that I've reread my text I feel so sorry for all those mistakes in it e.g. "Location: Bochum, German" instead of "Location: Bochum, Germany".

I was in hurry and the train usually does not wait for me :P

Anyway, sorry for that ;D

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