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New Outtakes of Emma by Harry Crowder

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I love this shoot and I'm so excited of these new outtakes, Emma looks gorgeous :D


click on pics to enlarge!



What a stunningly beautiful lady :wub: Love the one where Emma is using the pen as a mustache. :P .


So, he finally came through. We predicted December 2017 I think.


Yeah these were taken back in 2010 and they are just coming out now. But this is nothing new since we've seen people release outtakes like this long after the photoshoots all the time. I don't know why they do it but at least they released them eventually rather than just hold on to them.

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That actually is a make-up brush hehehehe



Indeed it is. That's what I get for not cleaning my glasses as often as I should.


Hey, I guess that makes it a brush-stache.






*gets shot*

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These pictures have a Jules & Jim feeling to them - loving it :)

Also, sometimes I wonder: that girl can't miss a picture, can she?(Rethoric question) Somehow, she always manages to look lovely even on poses that would be unflattering on anybody else (the mustache one, for instance)*jealous* :P

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Emma just shines in her shoots-just so stunning and classy, yet also funny and goofy (the make up brush used as a mustache ;))...the girl is just beautiful and cool! :)

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