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Existence of multiple universes could be proven

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Researchers have long theorised that our universe may be one of many. It has always been their aim to prove their existence through observing high energy collisions. Now they hope to prove their existence by watching neutrons jumping from one universe to another.

Michael Sarrazin and colleagues at the University of Namur in Belgium, however, say they will need about a year to get the results. What they will do is bottle some neutrons and bring their temperature right down. With the help of magnetic fields they will then move slowly enough to be observed. The neutrons will strike the walls of the bottle but do so less and less as they decay.

The thing is, the neutrons always decay faster than expected – possibly, the researchers say, because they aren’t decaying at all – but leaping into other universes. Using decay rate data, Sarrazin has worked out the maximum number of times a neutron might leap to another universe – and it’s less than one in a million, but that doesn't make it any less mind-boggling. The experiment will run for a year to see if the rate of decay has cycles depending on the position of the Earth to the Sun, which changes gravitational potential and in turn the rate of matter swapping.




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Interesting research, but I'm highly sceptical. There may be alternative answers to the question of faster neutron decay rates. To conclusively prove the existance of multiple universes, we'd have to be in one ourselves.

But yeah, a lot of natural phenomena seem to be explained by the sheer existance of Lady Gaga, whatever she (or he/it?) may be.

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Also, Neutrons don't have any overall charge therefore making me skeptical that you could use magnetic fields to manipulate/contain them. And you wouldn't be able to look at the quarks in isolation because of H's Uncertainty Principal (and more importantly because you can't separate them :P )

Also neutrons have a decay time of 11 minutes... therefore making me skeptical that such a long time would ever be required before recieving preliminary results.

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