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90s are AllThat Thread

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If they would just replace all the crap they show during the day with all the old school shows I would be more interested. It sucks that it's on so late.


I did like it when they showed Doug and Are You Afraid Of The Dark because Netflix doesn't have those yet haha.

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I love Teen Nick and how eveyrnight from 11 pm until like 6 am they show the amazing OLD SCHOOL!! shows i grew up with

all that.

ken and kel

Rugrats..(90s version)


Hey Arnold


and much much more <3

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Yep because when I was younger I used to watch Nickelodeon but before they brought the 90sAreAllThat I didn't watch it because I didn't care for the other shows they aired now when I watch the old shows I feel like a kid again.

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