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Emma Watson to star in "Bling Ring"

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Oh my. An anonymous Spaniard makes elusive remarks about me. I'll just wait for Arie to step in and sort this out. 8)

Do not pick on me. I have done nothing wrong. Be respectful, it is not that hard. Stay on topic.

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Thats true.


I have reed something about the bling ring in the english Wikipedia. Sounds weard. And know when i remember, i have reed something about a robbery by Orlando Bloom years ago.

Seems like i now know who is to blame.

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NO!! I was so disappointed too! I thought that for sure they would show Bling Ring promos but they did show This is the End clips...I cant wait for this movie. This is not a comedy at all...these are teens who clearly dont have boundaries and want to do what they choose to do. It's scary to see that but I cant wait to see them all portray these characters, especially Emma. I know Nicki is not the ring leader (rather Katie Chang and Israel Broussard are the ones) but Nicki is still just as involved. I am really excited for June!!!!! :)

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She wasn't referring to the cast, she was referring to the movie itself being screened at Cannes.


The news wasn't that everyone from the movie was going to go, just that the festival chose to screen it.

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