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joyeux anniversaire Emma!

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Happy Birthday Emma! As I am always original in these sorts of things I randomly came up with a French theme for your birthday... go figure, huh??? Well I hope you like your presents. :ohyeah:



French Fries! Nevermind the fact that they weren't invented in France.. a mere technicality



French dressing for your french fries! Yeah, I'm not sure if that's really that tasty, but hey, maybe it's like reese's peanut butter cups? Never know until you try, right?



French Crullers, possibly my favorite donut, though I've never really met a donut I haven't liked.


And.... for a finale...




seeing as I know you're a fan of chocolate, CHOCOLATE FROGS! Sorry, I got a little hungry, but don't worry, I wiped off the drool.


oh, and some "frogs", or "greenbacks" as we like to call them here in America, to spend on whatever your heart desires! :yesyes: sorry about the whole inflation thing and the fact that the U.S. dollar probably can't buy you a piece of bubble gum now, but remember it's the thought that counts! :D


Have a great day Emma and don't forget to have tons and tons of fun. :king:

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Thank you all so much, you mean a lot to me I love you guys :3m_sie: :P Lol Jon I want the chocolate frogs I'll eat them all :excited: rofl The cake is wonderful Chris I love the bag thanks :wub: Joanne thanks for this amazing wallpaper, it's really well made <3 and Tommy well, man, I already told you how lovely is your little message but I'll never say it enough, I love you Quack Quack jsjs hahaha

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Omg Emmmaaaa.


I forgot your birthday was last month :( :( . :sob:

Happy super belated. :/ I was gonna ask you tonight before you left chat. Glad to talk to you tonight and hope you had a good time for your birthday!



<3 :wub:

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Omg I forgot to thank so many people :o You guys are lovely and it doesn't matter at all if some of you were "late" cause what matters is your messages after all :yesyes: so thank you again everyone :D And Kim, talking to you yesterday trully made my day - or night rather... lol - I'm so happy you're back, I missed you very much xoxoxo can't wait to see you again sister :P

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