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Happy Birthday Jade

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Happy Birthday!! :) Hope you have great day hun. <3

Thank you hun. :D


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEETIE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! WITH BEST WISHES!!!!!!!! :blush::ohyeah: KISSS SSS S S S :ohyeah:

Thank you so very much. I love you too. xD <3


Happy Birthday!!!!!! xxxx

Thank you very much, Donna. :D:ohyeah:

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Happy Birthday!!

Thank you, Tom. xD


Happy birthday Jade my friend.

Thank you Joe. xD My epic friend. :P



Thank you. :D


Happy Birthday!

Thanks Chris. xD


Happy Birthday :ohyeah:


Have a lovely day ! :)

Thank you very much. =)


Have a great birthday Jade!


I know you could probably make a better cake then I could give you...


but I had to get you one anyways! :P



DOCTOR WHO. Spot on! Thanks dude. xD


Happy birthday Jade, have a good one!!

Thank you very much. xD


Happy birthday Jade, hope you had a great time. :3m_sie:


BOMA! I love you so much right now! I love Break. <3 Thank you so much for the gift. xD


Happy birthday Jade :). Hope you have an amazing day!

Thank you. :D


Happy Birthday :D

Thank you. <3

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aww happy birthday Jade :) hope you had an amazing<33

Thank you, Maria. :D


Happy Birthday, Jade! :D <3 I've been in lectures all day so I'm exhausted :( I'll make you something when I get home tomorrow, I promise :3m_sie: For now, I got Damon to dance for you :P

OMFG. That is so hawtttt. OFFT. I've never seen that before. <3 Thank you Ellen. xD


^Oh dear God :drool:


Happy birthday Jade! Many happy returns! I hope you're having a wonderful day! :D

Thank you Dina :D

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