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Hello :D

I recently started taking the camera with me everywhere I go. Mind you, I don't have a professional camera. It's just a simple SONY cybershot. But hey maybe I'll save up for a Nikon one day! I just take photos of whatever it is that I find interesting. Most of the time I like to photograph nature, and animals if I do get the chance.

I do sharpen my photos but that's about all that I do to my photos. I don't alter the colouring. I only sharpen certain spots.

So I took a walk with my Dad around our neighbourhood yesterday, and I took some shots. The weather was quite warm, and it was a very nice day.

Enjoy! I'll update as often as I can!

Comments/criticism is always welcomed.



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[quote name='Tomâ„¢' timestamp='1333923858' post='195665']
Nice! I like them :) the last one especially, the flower just looks so, blue :mellow: ... I look forward to more soon hopefully :P
Thank you! I will upload as soon as I go out again!
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[quote name='Hermione' timestamp='1333986202' post='195749']
Holy Crow Lindy. I'm so jealous. You're perfect at anything Photo related. D: I think they're gorgeous. The flower bud is my favourite!
Wow thank you Jade! :D


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