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Which HP character have you always admired and has been your favorite through Harry Potter era?

Harry Potter  

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My favorite character changes over time.


I've read the books more than once and there are several characters who I really loved.


I think that Ron, Harry and Severus Snape are most often the characters I have considered my favorite.


As far as "admired" is concerned.. there are many more. I guess I'd have to say I admire Jo Rowling the most for creating all of them.

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For me it's Hermione, because she's a better me, so as we kind of are in the same "field", I really can tell she's doing perfect. I've been through the same situations at school and I have to say she did much better than me... SO she's the one I picked because her actions are the ones I can best judge.

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Hi my name is Tony. My favorite Harry Potter character is Hermione Granger and I always admired her because that's Emma Watsons character. Because I am a big fan of Emma Watson. Because Hermione Granger don't take junk off of nobody. Hermione Granger is the sweetest character in Harry Potter. Emma Watson is the only reason I watch Harry Potter.   

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