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I hope everybody uses today to celebrate the beauty and wisdom Mother Earth/Nature offers all of us.


Plant some trees, cultivate an organic garden,join a conservation group, become an activist to

promote protection, and help clean the environment--we can ALL make a huge difference.


There's many ways to get involved, and here are a few of my favorite organizations:




We're working to get GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms)'s labeled on ALL foods in ALL stores. We

all have the right to know what's in our food, and make sure it's free from all toxins, chemicals

and pesticides.




This organization is working on getting legislation to legalize hemp, so that the US farmers can grow

it, instead of importing it from Canada. Lots of health food stores, communities and organizations are

planning several great events for Hemp History Week--June 4-10 2012. Check out your cities, towns, and

communities for more information--or better yet, get your family and friends together and plan your own

event. For those of you that live in other countries, that do grow hemp, try to find out more ways to use

it, and get involved promoting it.


Hemp is literally the plant that can save the world. It used grow wild all over the country, and it was

formerly called "ditch weed". It grows over 10' tall, and amazingly it cleans the soil, which is why it's

a great rotational crop.


Before 1939, it was used for making rope, fuel, paper, fabric and food to name a few. The reason it was

vilified and banned was because Wm Randolph Hearst was angry that hemp was cutting in on his lumber business,

and rather than compete with it, he got his buddies in Congress to make it illegal. He had lots of help from

Rockefeller, Carnegie, and other elitists that didn't want it cutting in on their profits.


Henry Ford was more proactive, and actually built a car out of hemp--inside/out--and it ran on hemp fuel.




George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin, all were hemp farmers, and Washington even said, "It's

every American's duty to grow hemp". I say, let's make it our duty in the 21st century. :yesyes:


So happy Earth Day, and let's help Mother nature keep and retain her beauty and vitality.

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Dee Happy Earth Day to yall too!!! :) I swear with the way these gas prices are, I DO endorse getting hemp legalized!! We need something-we are wasting our gasoline/oil these days plus the place we get our oil from-well look at the COST!! Sad...we are celebrating Earth Day this week...my school does things like read poems or makes products out of recyclable materials-it is now a part of the curriculum! Pretty cool :)

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hemp's illegal? :unsure: who knew? interesting read.. thank you for sharing that Dee.


Sounds like you're involved with a lot of great things to help promote Earth Day Dee! Best of luck! Let's make everyday Earth Day! :ohyeah:

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hemp's illegal? :unsure: who knew? interesting read.. thank you for sharing that Dee.


Sounds like you're involved with a lot of great things to help promote Earth Day Dee! Best of luck! Let's make everyday Earth Day! :ohyeah:


Thanks Jon---this might answer your ?:


My link

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Yeah, I actually knew something about it but I didn't realize it was illegal. I've been watching the Marajuana Inc. show on the National Geographic Channel I think, and they were even mentioning on that program how medical marajuana is available now without the high that people get from certain substances in the plant (mentioned in the article you linked).


I did NOT know about all the uses for hemp. I found that to be really cool, and hopefully it is something/if legalized, that we will be able to make good use of again. :)

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On Mon April 22, once again it's Earth Day.


If you can:plant an organic garden, trees, support local businesses that promote sustainable farmers/growers and get involved in any

local community/school activities, that would be great. Mother Earth will thank you.


Give thanks to Mother Earth for all her love, bounty, and resources. Pledge to become a steward and help to protect her, to stay pure, clean and beautiful. She's counting on you.


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That's great---you can use the mulch for your organic soil--provided there's no fertilizers or chemicals in it. You can also make a compost pile by

adding food scraps and yard waste. They have wood bins to store it, and when it's ready, just add it to the soil to start an organic garden. 


Yes, recycling is great. More communities are starting curbside pickups on garbage collection day.

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