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Happy Birthday Tick Tock!

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Happy Birthday Jennifer! :ohyeah:


It wasn't really hard to figure out what I should get you. So I hope you'll enjoy these stunning, new, green cleaning supplies. :o



but that's just the starter, for the main course... and trust me this one was tough to get, but I used my connections with Hollywood .... an afternoon luncheon with the one and only Joshua Jackson! ( well, really it was my connections with the seedier side of downtown Albany, here in up state New York. SHHHUSSH!!! If you act quick, you may be able to enjoy a few minutes together before the kidnapping is reported) :unsure:



And for dessert, I made you this lovely clock birthday cake and yes.. it actually ticks and tocks, but don't ask me how I did that!



Have an amazing and fun birthday Jennifer! :3m_sie:

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Happy birthday jensey love ya lots hope you have a great day and for god sake come see this jsjs see ya later xxxxx

and i clearly know you betteri wud neva give ya green supplies pfff pink all the way!

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