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[quote name='Snow White' timestamp='1342034492' post='202889']
third one is awesome!!!
Thanks love! :)

[quote name='BoMa' timestamp='1342074450' post='202928']
Very pretty, just simply perfect.
Thank you Boma! :)

[quote name='Tomâ„¢' timestamp='1342368538' post='203101']
Awesome pictures
Thank you! :)



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Hi! I am so sorry I've been away for a very long time.. college keeps me super busy. :(
Anyway, here are few new pictures taken as part of college assignments.

These two were selected for my [url="http://www.vogue.it/en/photovogue/Profilo/08d346d1-a2ed-4aba-bd6f-436f807c8b39/User"]Photovogue Portfolio[/url]:


Another old photoshoot:

These, I clicked yesterday (2nd Jan 2013):





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