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I enjoy the site too :) its really fun to read new info but studies DEFINITELY come first...I remember going for my Masters for 13 months and working-just was absolutely no time for anything else. Yes good luck to Emma as she gets ready to conclude her degree! :) I am betting that will be as awesome as being in Harry Potter :)

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It was decided to just show basic information for the moment instead of displaying old & stale news stories. Emma is back studying, and so news is very slow right now.


But why "close down" the whole site? Because it would still be interesting to see her filmography, some general information (a short biography) and other projects? I understand taking down the "latest" sections if they are not updated frequently.


Maybe it is possible to show Emma's twitter feed and/or facebook feed on the site?


Anyway, Jo probs to you for dealing with some of the comments made on here.

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Jo, I dont know if you are still taking questions but here are a few: I am sitting here watching DH 2 which is why it came to mind :)

What was your favorite scene in all 8 Potter movies? (this maybe a hard one to answer because not even I can choose :))


What scenes that may have been edited during the series did you wish or say "I really wanted that in"?



Thank you Jo! (as well as to Emma)!

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I really like her official site. However I do think it would be cool if they had a forum on there as well. I think it would be really cool!

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I believe that's part of the design that was on Emma's original website. Something she did.

Nah, I don't think she decided to become a graphic designer.


It's something greatfriedays' web/graphic designers made based upon her wishes. That's all. 

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