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Hi all,


I have a special request to make as I'm in dire and urgent need of a talented graphic maker.


To make things short, I am a volunteer for an NGO called Room to Read, that focuses on education in Asia and Africa and in particular on equal access to education for girls, and we are currently organising a fundraising event called "Namaste India!" - basically the idea is that, on Saturday 16 June 2012, in many cities all over the world (in Australia, Canada, USA, Egypt, Switzerland), yoga classes will be given by volunteer yoga teachers and yoga studios and all the proceeds will go to Room to Read Girls' Education Program in India.

For more information about the event: http://namasteindiaroomtoread.blogspot.fr/2012/02/introducing-namaste-india-room-to-reads.html

For more information about Room to Read: www.roomtoread.org


I'm in charge of organising the Paris event. I have the yoga teachers and yoga studios all lined up, I have a sponsor... but the volunteer who was supposed to design the flyer is too busy to do so before next week-end, and even though we are still waiting for some missing information, we need to start working on a draft flyer asap - this project is of the utmost importance for the Paris Chapter of Room to Read and we need to advertise it asap.


In other words, I need your help. PLEASE. Is anybody here willing to help me out?


If yes, PM me and I'll send you all the info (the text, the logos to add and so on). I have no particular request, except that it shouldn't look too artsy and that it should be in a format that is easily printable. Please keep in mind that even after a first draft is produced, it will need to be amended to include some last minute information.


I can't offer any financial reward, just my eternal gratitude...


Thank you for reading this post.

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